About PCS

PCS (Pole Championship Series) combines pole sport and art, and is comprised of the PCS Pole Open and the PCS Championship. Top level professional pole athletes from across the US and world join us to compete every year. 


  • PCS hosts the world's top professional pole talent.
  • PCS is elevating pole fitness by providing athletes with a professional stage, sponsorship opportunities and cash prizes. 
  • Annual PCS qualifiers include 15+ major pole events each year in North America and beyond in cities like: Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Toronto, Canada, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Sao Paolo, Brazil, Melbourne, Australia, Johannesburg, South Africa, Telford, UK.
  • First place winners compete to become the annual PCS Champion.


The PCS organization aims to showcase top level pole talent. We initially asked ourselves the question, "How will this competition offer athletes a stage to shine and stand out?" In order to achieve this, the original PCS Series selected the top 15 most established X-POLE sponsored events. The first place winner of the professional women's division was invited to compete in the PCS Championship.

This resulted in a top pool of competitors selected, the world's best pole athletes highlighted, and presented with the opportunity to participate in a globally growing series.


2022 1st Place: Paige Olson

2022 2nd Place: Danielle Reed

2022 3rd Place: Kaylinn Bezenar

     2019 1st Place: Paige Anderson

    2019 2nd Place: Suzy 

     2019 3rd Place: Melanie Teper