Pole at the Olympics

Pole fitness combines dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics with the focus of the sport centered around a vertical pole. Pole Fitness has gained popularity as a form of fitness and entertainment, practiced today in gyms and dedicated dance studios. There are thousands of professional and amateur competitions held around the world annually.

Cirque du Soleil is one of the largest and best known live event brands in the world. Central to almost every live Cirque du Soleil show are pole performers and aerialists who have help make Pole Fitness more mainstream.

Pole has also been influenced by Chinese Pole, a form of acrobatics most notably performed in Chinese circus.

  • PCS' mission is to create a thriving worldwide professional pole fitness competition series and league.
  • PCS is organizing competitions, demos, rules and structure to elevate pole fitness and to make it a professional sport.
  • PCS' focus today is North America, South America, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Asia.
PCS is growing pole fitness interest similar to how the UFC grew MMA or NASCAR built auto racing.

Pole fitness is exploding in popularity all around the world. The global and now mainstream sport will again take center stage in the spotlight at The Arnold Sports Festival this year. The Arnold Sports Festival will host the World's Top Pole Fitness athletes as they compete for the title of ULTIMATE PCS Champion.

The Pole Championship Series (PCS) is a professional pole fitness league comprised of premier pole competitions throughout the world.

The PCS Championship will be held Saturday, March 5, 2022 at 7:30PM in the Columbus Convention Center Short North Ballroom (doors open at 6:30PM). The PCS Pole Open at the Arnold will be held Friday March 4thSaturday March 5th, and Sunday, March 6th during Expo hours.

PCS CHAMPIONSHIP - Pro Pole Fitness Finals
The first-place female professional winners of the best pole competitions in the world will go head-to-head in the most prestigious pole event to date, the PCS Championship. The Championship will be held at the Arnold Sports Festival.  

2019 PCS Championship Results
1st - Paige Anderson
2nd - Suzy
3rd - Melanie Teper

2018 PCS Championship Results
1st - Eunji Jeong
2nd - Anna Von Hoyningen Huene
3rd - Wren Amelia

PCS POLE OPEN - Open Pole Fitness Finals

The PCS Pole Open will feature competitors in nine divisions:

  • Women’s Novice Finals 
  • Women’s Amateur L1/2 Finals
  • Women’s Amateur L3/4 Finals
  • Women’s Semi-Pro Finals
  • Women's Pro Finals
  • Men’s Finals
  • Master’s Finals
  • Double's Finals
  • Junior's Finals

The sport of Pole Fitness is exploding internationally. With thousands of pole fitness studios and gyms opening worldwide, Pole Fitness is one of the world’s fastest growing sports and fitness driving activities. The PCS (Pole Championship Series) is leading the way, has set the bar for pole competitions worldwide, and is honored to share the stage with 80+ widely practiced and accepted sports across the United States.  

    Did you know Pole Fitness is under official observer status as an Olympic sport?  Read on