Welcome back athletes, fans, staff, performers, volunteers, coaches and supporters to Pole at the Arnold, March 3-6, 2022! If you’re returning, we look forward to hosting you again and if you’re brand new, welcome to the experience!

About the PCS

PCS (Pole Championship Series) is a professional pole fitness league comprised of the best pole competitions throughout the world.

The professional champion of each competition advances to the annual PCS Championship at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. 

Competing in the PCS Championship is the highest level honor for an elite professional pole athlete. The winner of the PCS Championship becomes the overall PCS Champion.

Why compete at the PCS?

How Does The PCS Benefit You?

PCS has many benefits, including the ability to gauge where you rank amongst top pole artists across the globe, the chance to win a cash prize, and the exposure and opportunities that arise from your presence on the grand stage! Want to know what our past athletes had to say about the PCS?

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4 Core Reasons to Compete at the PCS

There is no other competition in the world that shares the stage with over 80 other sports. This is your opportunity to showcase your talents in front of major television networks and sponsors. Competing in the PCS Championship is the highest level honor.

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What Makes the PCS Different?

This is the only competition league in the world that brings together several local, regional, and national championships, culminating in the PCS finals where the Ultimate World Champion is determined. Winning the PCS opens many doors for the athletes including the ability to become an X-POLE athlete, pole athlete sponsorships, and more.

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The World of Pole Competitions

Whose Move Is It, Anyway?

When we do share cool stuff, from time to time someone will mention that we “should have credited A-B-C as the originator of that move.” Bringing up an interesting point of discussion: how does anyone determine who gets credited with...

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Pros and Cons

I am by nature a people person and enjoy the energy of training with and around other polers but – as is the case for many others – I cannot spend every waking moment at the studio.I have two children, a house to run, and literally a million things...

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Thoughts: Is It Worth It?

Choosing to compete has taught me many things about dance, perfecting tricks and performance technics, but more importantly it has taught me to not be afraid… You get back in life what you’re willing to put out there. The risk...

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PCS Finals at the Arnold Sports Festival

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