Athlete Testimonials

What Athletes Are Saying:

⭐️ “This was my first time competing live. You all dished out an 11/10 experience. Thank you to the entire team. I'll see everyone again next year.”

  • Magy Mags (PCS Pole Open Competitor)

⭐️ “Thank you for organizing such a beautiful event! It was such a good experience - not only the competition itself but the people I’ve met. The friendships exceeded my expectations. I’m looking forward to it next year. You are the best.”

  • Nadia  (PCS Pole Open Competitor)

⭐️ “I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this. It was so much fun!”

  • Classy  (PCS Pole Open Competitor)

⭐️ Thank you so much! This was the best competition experience I’ve ever had. This was my fourth time competing too! PCS is incredible and I will be recommending it to everyone. The venue, production value and professionalism, the judges being reputable names who know their stuff instead of peers, it really makes this so special. Thank you for an amazing weekend and please thank the larger team for me as well.”

  • Becky Sebo (PCS Pole Open Competitor)

⭐️ “I’ve been meaning to sit down and write you a thank you email.  This was such a wonderful experience. You and your team did such an amazing job.  My only regret is not having more time to be there.  I recently started a new job and Paige had a lot going on in school so it was hard to take very much time off.  Next year will be different for sure.  I’ve already talked to Paige and we are going to be there the entire weekend so we can have time to visit with people and enjoy all of the other divisions that are competing. We are already thinking about next year and looking forward to seeing you again! Thank you again for everything!”

  • Jennifer Balow (Paige Olson’s mom)

⭐️ “I just wanted to drop a line to congratulate and thank you once again for such an amazing event at PCS. That was the most beautiful stage lighting I've performed under, and the music had the best base! Everything was so smooth as far as competitions and shows go. Thank you for all of your hard work at the Arnold. I will be back next year! I hope our paths can cross before then.”

  • Kel Sek  (PCS Pole Open Competitor)

Anonymous Feedback:

✨ “In all honesty, everything was perfect. I don't know how anything could be improved.”

✨ “In terms of organization, the event excelled and went above and beyond. The pre-event communication was on point.”

✨ “Another thing I greatly appreciated was the quick responses from the organizer to myself and my competitors via email leading up to the event.”

✨ “I have loved watching this event grow and develop over the years, and fully appreciate the commitment to making it a welcoming and inclusive event for all pole athletes. The stage and lighting this year were EXCEPTIONAL! Not only did I love it, but I overheard several first-timers to the PCS say how much better it was than any other comp they had experienced. It really did give a beautiful place to present.

✨ “Love this event - it's my favorite competition! The venue, the energy, the athletes are all top notch! Kudos on such fantastic judges this year - I think they were absolutely amazing!”

✨ “The stage, poles, and lighting were absolutely beautiful.”

✨ “From my vantage point it was a great event. Several attendees told me that they came to check it out and decide if they wanted to compete next year, and they left feeling like they could or would.”

✨ “Overall PCS was great this year. The organizer is delightful, refreshingly organized, and quick to answer questions. The dinner was really nice. The stage was beautiful!”

✨ “The lighting, poles, and stage were phenomenal!”

✨ “I was beyond impressed with how well organized this event was. The venue was amazing and so nicely set up. It was the best competition I have ever been too.”

✨ “This was my first pole competition. Lindsey was wonderful. Communication was prompt and everything was very well arranged the day of the event. The emcee was amazing as well. She made the event very entertaining. The judges were prestigious. Stage and lighting were out of this world. Everyone was so nice and I'm so appreciative to be part of this community. I want to be back because it was an overall great experience.

✨ “Incredible event! Wonderful staff, amazing judges, entertaining emcee, impressive performances, cool swag, amazing stage and was all so, so awesome! My favorite competition yet! Thank you all so much for your hard work.”

✨ “Emcee was amazing. She did so awesomely hosting the show! The stage was beautiful and everything was perfect.”

More Kind Words:

💫 "I think I speak for all the Canadians when I say that this was easily one of the best events/competitions we've been to. We had so much fun! I'm really impressed with how smoothly everything ran. I can't wait to be back next year. Thank you so much!"

  • Libby Ives (PCS Pole Open Competitor)

💫 "Sometimes things don't happen to us but they happens for us to help us move to the next level on our journey. Words can't describe how grateful and honored I am to be apart of the pole community and a part of the PCS Pole Open this weekend at the Arnold classic. I strive to do my best everyday, at the Arnold, showcases, practices, classes and any dance competition I have ever been involved in to spread as much love, positive vibes and encouragement as I can because "We rise by lifting others.

I am thankful and grateful to everyone for such an life changing experience on and off the pole this weekend. You all know who you are and I can't thank you enough. Please keep on encouraging each other and building each other up! I can't wait to see all of you at the Arnold next year! Hugs to all!"

  • Adrienne Holtzlander (PCS Pole Open Competitor)

💫 "I would like to send a big shout out to all the athletes that I met this weekend. Thank you for your sportsmanship and supports during the competition, you guys have inspired me with your great talents. The passion and energy that all of you had was surreal. I feel so honored and humbled to have shared the stage with you. Ladies, you are all amazing! I hope to see you guys again, soon!

To our organizer, Lindsey and the crew, thank you for making everything as smooth as possible during our competition. Of course, thank you to our amazing sponsor X-Pole USA, the judges and everybody who have made this event possible.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to my family, teachers, friends and my students back home for believing in me and for all the loves and supports. You guys are my inspirations to be better everyday."

  • Pajaree Vorapanpisit (PCS Championship Competitor)

💫 "What a weekend! To all the polers that I met this weekend, it was a pleasure, thanks again for your kind words. Hopefully we'll meet again! 

HUGE thanks and congrats to Lindsey and PCS crew for organizing such a great event! Thank you for make us feel like "normal" athletes. And thank you for all the hard work that goes into making PCS! Shoutout to X-Pole USAfor sponsoring the event!

Congratulations to all the talented artists/athletes I shared the stage with on Friday: Pajaree Vorapanpisit, Jessica Anderson-Gwin,Kennedy Mason,Ryan, Brandi Todd,Ashley Fox,Anna Alvarez, Samantha McGilvray, Tracey Simmonds,Laina Reiviand Nina Zamora. We all know getting up there is no easy task and is an accomplishment in itself.  Thank you for sharing your passion with us. You are inspiring! Can't wait to see the video of the performances I couldn't see. To my roommate, Ryan Hathaway.I kind of knew we would get along well, but knowing you a little better now i just have mad respect for the amazing artist and awesome person that you are.

Thank you to the hottest emcee Torwa Joe, best tabulator Jim and all the judges: Mary Ellyn Weissman, Becca Buck, Tara Meyer, Vanessa Costa,Linda Spraggins,Carolyn Cull!​"

  • Jazzy Alix (2017 PCS Champion)

💫 "So ecstatic to have placed 2nd at the PCS Championship at the Arnold.  Dreams can come true! I have some serious thank you's as I am well aware that this would not have been possible if not for the below mentioned heroes!

Jessica Anderson-Gwin​, your genius choreography, patience and continual advice/critiques have been a guiding light in the darkness! I can never thank you enough for not giving up on me! Thank you for the awesome training sessions together!

Jenna EmI would not have even qualified for this event if it weren't for you! Thank you for always challenging me to be a better me and for answering my 100 messages and 1000 videos and always being realistic!

Lindsey​, thank you for organizing this event and for all your strong support to us as competitors! You are truly an amazing woman and I am so happy I got to meet you! I am so grateful for your passion for this event!

Amy Guion​, thank you for being so willing to work with me and watch run throughs! Your advice was invaluable!

Tiffany Jane​, Veronika, Mina Mortezaie, Drusilla Ray, your critiques and support were so encouraging and helpful! Thank you so much for being such incredible inspirations!

Ramiro Alvarez​, your continued support for my crazy dreams touches my heart every day! Love you!

Donna Clearman​, thank you for being the grandma/mom to my little love so I could travel to this event! Your encouragement and support is priceless!

Julia Clearman​, thank you for your psychology advice! We prepare or bodies but forget sometimes to prepare our minds! Thank you for helping me to handle the pressure and stress! Chloe KayneAlways a huge thank you for letting me train at your beautiful studio!!! It's always a highlight of my time back in Minnesota!
I love all of you to the moon and back!"

  • Anna Alvarez (PCS Championship Competitor)

💫 "Want to thank Devon Crumayfor being the best host ever! Vertical Bliss Fitnessfor the space for my last rehearsals. To all the girls supporting me yesterday - Adrienne Holtzlander​, Bridget Hollern, andAshley Thorbahn . Lindsey Kimurafor making that beautiful event happen. I'm so happy to be part of the PCS family. Thank you Tara Meyer​, Sergia Louise Anderson, andShaina Crueayou inspired me so much in this routine.  I had to pretend I was a dancer and channel you for this!"

  • Boris (PCS Pole Open Competitor)

💫 "This weekend at the Arnold has been so surreal! It was an honor to even participate! I got to watch everyone else's performances on the TV backstage (though I probably shouldn't have : ). There was an insane amount of talent on that stage. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in my performance itself, because I missed about 75% of my choreography and it was probably the rockiest run through I've done since I finished choreography.

What I *am* proud of is that I actually took this once in a lifetime opportunity and I participated! Despite the injuries and how crazy my life has been, I went out there and I did what I could in that moment. I actually hit my starfish (which is the move I was most afraid of, ironically) and my costume glittered with all of the amazing crystals my mom poured hours of love into.

I got to meet some absolutely incredible athletes and am honored to have shared the stage with them. Now, on to day 2 of concourse performances and visits to the Expo. If, by chance, I have the opportunity to come back to this place, I will come back stronger and I'll actually do the moves I plan.

Thanks to my support crew: all of my peeps watching at home; all those who have supported me through the stress of the last couple of months; my mom (Tina Egeland Metivier)who made sure I had maximum sparkle power; my sister and dad, for being so supportive; my beau, Seth Holliday,for giving up time with me during the last several weeks of training and for coming out here with me; Melanie Amaya Piek,Joe Piek, Cody Holliday,and Ryan for coming out to watch me and cheer me on; Kenneth Kaofor helping me start to finish with choreography and cool tricks (eventheonesIdidn'tdo); MelissaCover/MellCoThreadsforbringingmycostumetolife; Nina Reedfor creating COPC as a qualifier and encouraging me to participate; and last but not least, Lindsey Kimurafor running such a beautiful event and taking care of us every step of the way in this amazing event that is the Arnold."

  • Laina Reivi (PCS Championship Competitor)

💫 "I cannot even begin to express the joy I feel. The appreciation I have for all of you supporting me and all who gave me encouragement to get back out there. Words are hard for me, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. For Todd, and my pole wife Adriennefor being my freakin ROCK since I first met you. Thank you to Devonand all of the other beautiful women at Vertical Bliss for welcoming me with open arms every time I'm in town, and for the love and support. Thank youSasha, Diane, Sammy Jo, Kate, Ben, Jen Vermilya , A.j., Melody, Cia, Kimberly, Boris, Yessy, for your support. To the beautiful Mary Ellyn Weissman, Becca Buck, and Tara Meyerfor your encouraging words and inspiration. Thank you Lindsey Kimurafor everything you did to make the weekend so wonderful. Thank you to Michelle, Cassandra, my beautiful Friday girls from class, and the other gorgeous girls at Rising Goddess for the love and support. And for all of my new pole sisters! I'm so sorry if I missed anyone. Again and again, thank you. I am grateful, I am humbled, and my heart is full."

  • Lauren Osters (PCS Pole Open Competitor)

💫 "I have a grateful heart for this days at the Arnold's. In first place to Devon Crumay, you are an amazing woman, Poler, studio owner and the best host ever! Thanks for everything, for offering us a home outside our country. Thanks to Boris Kyñoneszfor being my friend and partner in this adventure, I hope this won't be the last.

Thanks to Lindsey Kimurafor everything, such a perfect event! Thanks to Vertical Bliss Fitnessif you ever visit Columbus, is the pole studio to go! to all the fabulous and amazing persons I had the pleasure to met Adrienne Holtzlander, Ashley Thorbahn, Bridget Hollern, Jasmine Rike, Libby Ives, Lauren Osters, again Devon, thanks for all the support, the photos, the inspiration I get this days. Thanks to all the Fit Flow San Rafaelcrew and students for cheer me up all the way.Thanks to Ashley Foxand Virgil Avery, it was so nice to see you guys!!! And last but not least Andrés Tello Abregofor always keep me out of my comfort zone, you support and love make everything possible... Yes I Didn't won a medal but I learn a lot, and I got a lot of friends and a life changing experience, see you all soon!!!"

  • Yessy Cure

💫 "I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone for supporting and encouraging me to take part the Pole Championship Seriescompetition at the Arnold this weekend, I had a blast! To all my friends and family, I love you all and cannot thank you enough for the love you've all given me! To my Vertical Bliss Fitnessfamily, I would never have been able to do this without your unwavering support, guidance, and love...thank you all for sharing this experience with me, my heart is overflowing with love for each of you!

For me, this Arnold journey has been such a fruitful experience, allowing me to build on my pole and performance skills, further grow friendships with my pole peers, and (most importantly) better myself in many ways both on and off the pole. I'm thankful for this opportunity to showcase my hard work and perform my very first competition performance alongside so many other talented polers!

I've had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with so many amazing people this weekend, and I feel so proud to be a part of our supportive pole community. Thank you all for making this experience an unforgettable one, and keep in touch, I look forward to continuing my pole adventures with you!! ❤Love to all!!"

  • Ashley Thorban

💫 "Now that I've had a chance to slow down and reflect, HOLY COW what am amazing weekend!!!  Lindsey Kimurayou put on yet another amazing event. One I am more and more thankful for every year. Thank you for all your hard work. It matters.

Thank you to Torwa Joefor being an awesome emcee and keeping some great energy going. The smiles you bring to the event are priceless.

To all the Pro competitors... Kennedy Mason, Laina Reivi, Ashley Fox, Anna Alvarez, Jazzy Alix,Brandi Todd, Jessica Anderson-Gwin, Paulina, Tracey Simmonds, Sammy, Pajaree ... You ladies are truly incredible. Beautiful on and off stage. I'm so inspired by each of you and am so blessed to have gotten to know you a little better this weekend. The giggles and smiles will never fade as I look back on such a wonderful group of girls to have competed with. I'm so proud to have shared a stage with you ladies. "We are not party of one"

To the judges, thank you for your feedback and time. You are how I plan to get better. You have my utmost respect. Feel free to message me with any extra critiques.

To my roommate, Jazzy. Thank you for being so amazing. I really feel we became friends this weekend. I opened up to you and u were understanding. You are such a beautiful person and an incredible performer. I'm a fan for life. Hope to see you around in the future.

To Brandi Nicole Coxfor keeping my babies while I was gone. I can't tell u how much it means to me that I had piece of mind that my babies were safe and well cared for. You are now family. Thank you for your patience.

And of course to coach. Thank you for all u do to push me to be the best I can be. In so many ways you supported me through choreography, training, creative struggles, and pushing me past my comfort zone. I leveled up this go round and I couldn't have done it without you. U make me a better athlete. And for that I'm forever grateful.

Thank you to Adrienne Holtzlanderfor always being the supportive cheerleader for not just me, but basically everyone who steps foot on these stages. Your energy is indeed important and lifts the competitors more than u know. Never stop being you. A huge thank you to you and Todd for letting me crash. "

  • Ryan Hathaway