What makes the PCS different?

By Kash Suntharamoorthy

What makes the PCS different?

Simply put - quite a lot of reasons why the PCS is very different to all other comps. 

First of all, every competitor in the PCS Championship has won or placed 1st at regional & national competitions across the globe. Therefore selecting the best pool of athletes to compete with one another to find the Ultimate Champion. 

The PCS does not limit our competitors' style to fitness or artistic. Our events look to combine both, and we also welcome exotic disciplines too. We are the only fully inclusive pole competition in the world. 

We were the 1st pole competition to offer cash prizes for the winners and runners up - and we continue to do this going into our 6th year.

The PCS has a dedicated Competitor Induction Team, who will ensure that your journey, from signing up all the way through to competing is done seamlessly. We also monitor and track feedback from all competitors, ensuring the PCS evolves each year. 

Winning the PCS opens many doors for the athletes. This includes and is not limited to becoming an X-POLE Athlete, reaching lucrative sponsor deals and gaining worldwide fame. 

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