4 Core Reasons to Compete at the PCS

By Kash Suntharamoorthy

4 Core Reasons to Compete at the PCS

There is no other competition in the world that shares the stage with 80+ sports in one location. This is your opportunity to showcase your talent in front of major television networks and sponsors. 

  • PCS helps set the bar for pole competitions worldwide and is thrilled for pole fitness to share the stage and weekend with 80+ widely practiced and accepted sports across the US at the Arnold Sports Festival!  

PCS brings together art, fitness, dance and acrobatic styles into a single competition. PCS pulls from some of the best qualifying events throughout the world.

  • PCS is a professional competition series comprised of premier pole competitions throughout the world with major championships in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe.

The qualifying winner from each territory advances to the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio where the Ultimate PCS Champion is decided. 

  • The professional champion of each competition advances to the annual PCS Championship at the Arnold USA.

Know your rank. By bringing together winners of multiple competitions across the world, we are able to determine and name a PCS Champion then considered for future sponsorship. 

  • Competing in the PCS Championship is an honor for an elite pole athlete.